ET Farmakon-Adela Marinova was founded in 1991.

The main activity of the company is associated with the brand Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz is well known for its quality and style.

Our main activity is a distribution of new and used spare parts engine oils and consumables for LGV and HGV vehicles. We deal with leading brands like Sachs Lemforder LUK Bosch Wahler Zimmermann Mobil 1 Hella Mahle Knecht Garrett Mekra Lang Beru Van Wezel Febi Bilstein Kawe Kronprinz Depo Vaico Vemo Sudrad Behr Elring Dayco Continental Suplex Stabilus Fag Schomacker FTE Nissens NRF CEI SKF Gates Ina Victor Reinz Cojali Autofren Seinsa and of course Mercedes-Benz. 

ET Farmakon-Adela Marinova is dynamically developing company using all modern technologies. Here you can find all the quality and competence you need. Our developed experience is used to serve our clients at their best. We are constantly studying the market so we can offer you the best prices and quality. Our specialist will make sure that we can earn your trust.

The quality of each our article is guaranteed by the European and worldwide standards.   

To ease our clients we offer a delivery with courier in the whole country.

We have more than 30 000 articles in stock.

We offer 24 hours road assistance at your disposal.

Our mechanics provide a fast and professional service.

Here you will find highly qualified workers who will help you with your choice.

We have almost every part for the models: 230GE 280GE 300GE 240GD 250GD 300GD G280CDI G300CDI G290GD G290GDT G200E G230E G300E G300D G300TD G350TD G320 G270 CDI G320CDI G400CDI G320G 350Bluetec G500 G55 AMG G63 AMG G65 AMG 108D 110TD V200 V280 V230 108 CDI 110 CDI 112 CDI V200 CDI V220 CDI 109 CDI 110CDI 111CDI 113CDI 115 CDI 116CDI 119 CDI 120 CDI 122 CDI 207D 208D 209D 210D 307D 308D 309D 310D 407D 408D 409D 410D Sprinter 280D Sprinter 210D Sprinter 212D Sprinter 308D Sprinter 310D Sprinter 312D Sprinter 408D Sprinter 410 D Sprinter 412D Sprinter 208 CDI Sprinter 211CDI Sprinter 213 CDI Sprinter 216 CDI Sprinter 308 CDI Sprinter 311 CDI Sprinter 313 CDI Sprinter 316 CDI Sprinter 408CDI Sprinter 411 CDI Sprinter 413 CDI Sprinter 416 CDI Sprinter 616 CDI Sprinter 209CDI Sprinter 211 CDI Sprinter 215 CDI Sprinter 218 CDI Sprinter 219 CDI Sprinter 309 CDI Sprinter 310 CDI Sprinter 315 CDI Sprinter 318 CDI Sprinter 319 CDI Sprinter 415 CDI Sprinter 416 CDI Sprinter 418 CDI Sprinter 419 CDI Sprinter 509 CDI Sprinter 510 CDI Sprinter 511 CDI Sprinter 515 CDI Sprinter 518 CDI Sprinter 519 CDI 507D 508D 609D 611D 709D 711D 714D 809D 811D 814D 512D 512D 614D 616D 812D 814D 815D 816D 709 809 914 1114 1117 1120 1124 1314 1317 1320 1324 1517 1520 1524 812 815 816 817 818 823 824 915 916 917 1017 1018 1023 1024 1217 1218 1223 1224 1317 1318 1323 1324 1517 1523 1524 1529 1823 1824 1228 1229 1328 1329 1828 1829 new or used.

In showroom Mercedes-LKW you will find a variety of LGV and HGV vehicles of the brand Mercedes-Benz at perfect condition and good prices.

While your car is being taken care of you can visit our restaurant PATENT 1886. Its located in the Mercedes-LKW building.